Proud Member of the Apple Consultants Network

• Macintosh CSE Certified

Certified in the methods of expanding Windows NT from a departmental solution to a multi-server environment. I can install, configure and test TCP/IP, utilize a Remote Access Server (RAS) and other operating systems including, Microsoft clients, Novell and Macintosh.

• Macintosh OS X Certified

Certified and experienced in upgrading clients to Mac OS X. Experience includes moving clients from older Mac OS systems to a contemporary OS X system, and from Windows to Mac OS X.

• Macintosh Hardware Master Certified

Experienced and certified in the technologies of networking and hardware specifications, displays and internal drives. Also included are; upgrading and troubleshooting multiple computer models, which include but not limited to; the Mac mini, eMac, iMac G5, PowerMac G5, iBook G4, and PowerBook G4.

• Teknosophy Certified

Experienced in helping people overwhelmed by technology.